Automotive Parts Packaging Solution

Protective Packaging recently worked with a local automotive parts manufacturer on a solution to keep rust from developing on their products during shipping and storage. The solution had to be simple, and integrate easily into the manufacturers shipping process.

The packaging experts at Protective Packaging recommended volatile corrosion inhibitor paper (VCI paper), coated on both sides with rust-blocking chemicals. Flexible, lightweight VCI paper can be easily wrapped around any parts and eliminates the need for other corrosion preventatives such as oils or grease.  Using paper to prevent corrosion means parts don’t have to be cleaned or degreased before use, and are ready to go into production at a moments notice.  As an added service, Protective Packaging the paper into easy to handle, part sized sheets.  This helped to eliminate waste and reduce application time, proving to be the ideal solution for automotive parts packaging.

Protective Packaging carries a wide range of flexible barrier materials to prevent the damaging effects of moisture, electrostatic discharge, pests and airborne contaminants. We also offer complimentary products such as desiccants, heat sealers, humidity indicators and more.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your packaging needs.