vci foam emitter - volatile corrosion inhibitor emitter

A VCI emitter is a device containing volatile corrosion inhibitors and is generally used inside a package to prevent corrosion on metals within the enclosed space. The effective, invisible layer of VCI protection keeps metal safe from the corrosive effects of moisture, salt, dirt, oxygen and other contaminants in the environment. Typically, our VCI emitters, are VCI foam emitters.

A VCI emitter works in the same simple way that VCI papers products work. When metals are wrapped or packaged, the chemicals volatilize in the packaging environment and form a protective molecular layer on the surface of the metal. This protective layer prevents moisture, salt, dirt, oxygen, and other materials from depositing on the metal and causing corrosion.

Protective Packaging’s VCI emitters provide long lasting, effective protection against corrosion. They are safe, easy to use and clean, and provide flexible and economical corrosion protection for steel, copper, zinc, and multi-metals. Our VCI emitters are also non-toxic, odor-free, environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

Our VCI emitters come in various forms from foam to chipboard and can be used as emitters or as cushioning for sensitive products. Features include:

  • The small, thin, lightweight emitters fit in tight or restricted spaces
  • Effective on steel, copper, zinc, galvanized steel, and multi-metal parts
  • Adhesive backing allows easy, secure installation inside utility boxes, electronic equipment control panels, and electrical cabinets
  • VCI protects even in the presence of moisture
  • Does not interfere with the performance of electrical or mechanical equipment
  • Conforms to NACE Std TM0208-2008; RoHS Compliant
  • Non-toxic, safe, and fully recyclable

Many applications require superior corrosion protection of valuable equipment during storage and transit. Our VCI emitters provide quick and easy VCI protection in an enclosed space. It’s also easy to remove and provides long lasting protection to most metals. Typical applications include:

  • Electrical panels
  • Telephone relays
  • Circuit breakers
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Firearms storage
  • Marine navigation and communications equipment
  • Utility boxes
  • Tool boxes and other metal parts storage
  • Packaged or operating electronic parts in compartments
  • Fuse boxes and wherever electronics are housed

Protective Packaging’s VCI emitters helps keep metals safe from the corrosive effects of moisture, salt, dirt, oxygen and other contaminants and have been effectively used for packaging and protection of metal parts, machinery, and equipment across many industries such as: Automotive, Construction, Agriculture, Metal Machining, Electronics, Military, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Steel, and global OEM companies.

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