Tyvek Barrier Bags - MIL-PRF-131 Material Bags We custom make Tyvek barrier bags from Protect 585 barrier material. This material features a layer of Tyvek with a layer of foil.

This material is certified to MIL-PRF-131 TI C1, and bags, tubing or covers made from this material conform to MIL-DTL-117 TI CE S1. Our Tyvek barrier material, Protect 585, also meets FDA Regulations Part 177.1520 CFR 21 when used as supplied for direct food contact.

You can buy rolls of Tyvek barrier material online here, or you can or custom order Tyvek barrier bags by calling 1-800-644-4032. We offer bags in all sizes, from 2″ x 3″ to over 200 feet and every size in between.

Tyvek is a revolutionary material that has been used in a number of applications for close to 60 years. Developed by the Dupont Company, it is made from very fine, high-density polyethylene fibers. To the touch, Tyvek feels like a combination of paper and fabric. Nevertheless, it is a multi-faceted material that is vapor permeable but water, chemical, puncture and tear resistant. The structure of Tyvek gives it extra durability and tear-resistance.