Corrosion Prevention Packaging for a Rotor Manfuacturer

A well known engine and electronics manufacturing company was having trouble shipping a multi-million dollar rotor to South America by boat, despite using a nitrogen purge inside a metal tomb coated with a volatile corrosion inhibitor.

The seal to the tomb broke and then the nitrogen became pointless and all the VCI in the world won’t protect a humidity filled metal tomb experiencing multiple green house effects during a two month voyage.

We solved the problem adding a moisture barrier bag; a really big moisture barrier bag. The customer requested that we keep the metal tomb with the nitrogen purge, but we enclosed the rotor in a sheet of Protect 200.  The bag and the container were both loaded with 16 unit desiccant as well as 10″ VCI pads.  We pulled and vacuum then sealed the bag inside before closing up the casket.

Another part of our solution was to add monitoring windows in both the tomb and the bag.  We added two electronic humidity indicators, one inside the tomb and one inside the bag.  This ensured that the logistics team could monitor the internal humidity levels during transport.

One hour after we completed the implementation, the interior humidity of the unit was down to 18% and corrosion starts at 40%.  With this solution, the customer was able to successfully ship the rotor to South America with no corrosion build up.