Protective Packaging Corporation Offers Cost Effective Solution for Oil Field Equipment

Low crude prices have recently idled millions of dollars of oil field equipment across the nation. So, how do you protect a multi-million dollar piece of equipment so it is ready to go when oil prices inevitably rise and drilling activity picks up?

Instead of letting the expensive equipment from cold stacked rigs corrode in the yard, Dallas-based Protective Packaging Corporation (PPC) is offering a cost-effective protection package for oil field equipment serving the Permian Basin and other national and international gas plays.

The same PPC products have been used for years to protect idled US military equipment, vehicles, planes and technology from environmental factors and idleness.

“These rigs have been running for 24-hours-a-day for years and now they need to be protected from idleness,” says Steve Hanna, CEO of Protective Packaging Corporation. “Based on what we have learned from working with military contractors, our protection products can prevent equipment inactivity problems such as corrosion, clogged fuel lines and destroyed rubber gaskets and tires, all for significantly less than it will cost to fix and replace.”

PPC’s protection package includes volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) to treat the inside of the engines and pumps to prevent rust, the biggest problem facing inactive oil field equipment. Externally, customized barrier bags and covers paired with desiccants protect equipment from damaging UV rays and everyday dirt, bugs and animals.

Craig Harris oversees Protective Packaging Corporation’s operations in the Permian Basin from his base in Midland.

“As someone who has worked in the oil and gas industry for many years, I’ve seen downturns before. What I learned is that it is time consuming and expensive to restore equipment after it has sat idle in the yard,” he said. “Taking the time to protect motors, electronics and pumps means that they can be up and running quickly when production resumes.”

The number of active onshore oil rigs in Texas has dropped by more than 30 percent since last year. With the size and cost to house this equipment, indoor storage is not an option. Many stacked rigs may remain offline and idle for a year or more.

“In relation to the value of the equipment you are protecting, any upfront cost is a very minor investment to ensure that when you go to restart the rig you have minimal maintenance and can begin producing again immediately,” said Harris. “In taking these steps now, you avoid experiencing the long-term consequences of corrosion damage and the thousands of dollars it will cost to repair or replace down the road.”

Repairing oil field equipment that has been subject to rust, moisture and static would result in downtime, as well as countless dollars spent on refurbishment and replacement. This comprehensive protective packaging was designed to ensure that equipment will function properly and safely with minimal maintenance required, ultimately protecting equipment owners from costly machine replacements once drilling comes back online.

Besides oil and gas industry related customers, Protective Packaging Corporation provides specialized packaging services for the military and defense industry, electronics, communication and transportation industries. Protective Packaging is a Texas-based, ISO-certified, veteran-owned small business corporation that has been in business over 35 years.

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