corrosion preservation solution

The on-site packaging crew at Protective Packaging recently took a trip to Chile to help preserve a decommissioned chemical plant.  Preserving a plant of this sizes requires identifying all equipment at risk of corroding during long term storage then applying appropriate corrosion prevention solutions. The packaging team’s job for this project included evaluating the plant environment, cataloging equipment to be packaged, and instructing plant workers on how to properly apply corrosion preventing materials.  The team identified 104 different motors, pumps, electrical cabinets, and other pieces of equipment that warranted preservation.

Protective Packaging’s team trained the plant’s workers on best practices for implementing a long term corrosion prevention solution for their equipment, and supervised the workers to throughout the project. The total process took just a few days, but will save the company countless hours of repair an refurbishing when the plant is put back into service in the future.

Corrosion can set in quickly in idle equipment.  Rust can cause irreparable damage in the worst case, and necessitate costly refurbishment and cleaning in the best case scenarios. Properly preserving pipes and tubes by sealing openings and adding corrosion inhibitors protects, or completely wrapping an item in heavy duty shrink wrap protects a company’s capital investment and eliminates costly refurbishment when an out of service item is put back into service again.

Our corrosion prevention solution for this project included VCI emitters and heavy duty, 8 mil shrink wrap.