We custom make protective covers for all types of equipment, machinery and vehicles to preserve them when they have to be stored outside.


Stronger and lighter than traditional tarps, our protective covers are custom made from state of the art engineered materials designed for durable protection in all types of weather. These serve as a sacrificial outer coating to protect items in storage or during transport. You provide the dimensions and we deliver a custom sewn, protective cover for a snug fit. All our protective covers are lined with grommets to enable flexible options for securing the cover to equipment.


Protective Packaging understands that conventional canvas and vinyl covers retain moisture that increases the relative humidity and potential for corrosion. The best way to completely seal out corrosion is to control the environment around the piece of equipment using barrier bags creating a hermetic seal. Other anti-corrosion cover technologies are very expensive and difficult to install. Protective Packaging provides lightweight, easy to install, protective covers that are tailored to the consumer needs that can be delivered at a much lower cost.