Flexible packaging protecting F35

Make certain your products arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they were shipped. No matter where in the world your business is located, our team of packaging experts can help you find innovative ways to reduce cost and optimize the speed and performance of your packaging systems. Often resulting in savings beyond what you would pay if doing it yourself. We have a team of packaging professionals that travel all over the world packaging products for clients and training their personnel to do the same.

We can provide:

  • On-site inspections
  • Current packaging evaluations
  • Material selection
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Prototype creation
  • On-site personnel for packaging
  • On-site training to implement solutions


Helicopter Preservation Solution Case Study

Airtelus France worked with Protective Packaging Corporation to preserve 21 H225 helicopters using AirProPak preservation kits. This helicopter preservation solution ...
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S92 helicopter being prepped for storage - helicopter preservation solution

Preserving Out of Service Helicopters

According to the Wall Street Journal, 28% of all helicopters are used in the oil and gas industry. The energy ...
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Outdoor Storage Solutions for Corrosion Prevention - Caterpillar Equipment A leading VCI manufacturer, asked Protective Packaging to work with them ...
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F-35 Corrosion Prevention Packaging

F35 Corrosion Prevention Packaging Solution

F35 Joint Strike Fighter Packaged For Shipment Protective Packaging was asked to protect Lockheed Martin's new F35 Joint Strike Fighter ...
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corrosion prevention solution for aerospace component - payload attach fitting with Tesla Roadster

Payload Attach Fitting Corrosion Prevention Solution

A major aerospace manufacturer recently contacted Protective Packaging to provide protection for a payload attach fitting used to secure a ...
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Weather Curtain for Energy Company

Weather Curtain for Energy Plant "We were the only plant in North Texas that stayed online during an ice storm" ...
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Decommissioned chemical plant

Preserving Offline Chemical Plant

The on-site packaging crew at Protective Packaging recently took a trip to Chile to help preserve a decommissioned chemical plant ...
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Rotor Manufacturer

Corrosion Prevention Packaging for a Rotor Manfuacturer A well known engine and electronics manufacturing company was having trouble shipping a ...
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Packaging Space History: Protective Packaging Preserves Space Shuttle Main Rocket Engines

Protective Packaging recently worked with an aerospace manufacturer to preserve the main rocket engines used during the Space Shuttle missions ...
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Outdoor Storage Cover for Power Plant Transformer

Protective Packaging supplies Dallas area power company with a much needed outdoor storage cover for its backup transformer ...
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