Idle Gas Plant Needed Corrosion Protection

A major international methanol company needed to protect an offline facility during the economic downturn.  The company contacted Protective Packaging to find out exactly what they needed to do and what materials to use.

The team at Protective Packaging visited the facility and did an extensive inventory of parts, corrosion levels throughout the facility, and overall corrosion prevention process. Once the review was completed, the team documented preservation recommendations by type of metal, environmental conditions, and estimated length of storage time. Protective Packaging’s corrosion protection solutions included a wide range of barrier materials, various sizes of desiccants, volatile corrosion inhibitors, as well as corrosion prevention expertise.  The team was able to train the customer’s workers so that they could change their overall corrosion prevention processes for long term success.

The customer was able to dramatically reduce costs to repair or replace parts and machinery at the facility due to corrosion or debris build up.

Corrosion Protection for Natural Gas Plant Video