oil field mud pump packaged for storage


Mothball Oil Field Equipment Now – Save On Refurbishment Costs Later

The falling prices of oil have derailed many drilling projects causing companies to take equipment offline and put it in storage either on site or at drilling contractor equipment yards.  Our extensive experience in preserving machinery, equipment, and vehicles for long term storage make us uniquely suited to provide materials and services to cold stack rigs and equipment. We can help you preserve:

  • Control Boxes
  • Mud Pumps
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Top Drive Motors (Top Drive Drilling Systems)
  • Floor Motors
  • Draw Works

We have teams of professional to help you preserve your equipment, or to train your personnel to do the packaging. Our Oil Field Equipment Preservation Solutions include:

  • Moisture Barrier Materials – these materials are flexible, heat sealable and durable making them ideal for a variety of applications. Most bags can be vacuum sealed to further reduce the chances of damage from air and moisture.
  • Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors – these products block moisture from metal surfaces by depositing a microscopic barrier on the metal, preventing interaction between water and the metal compounds.
    • Films – like barrier materials, these can be made into bags and vacuum sealed around items.
    • Fluids – liquid additives ideal for sealed internal areas and surfaces, oil reservoirs, crank cases,
    • Emitters – available as foam squares or cardboard disks, these materials can be inserted into products and equipment.
  • Desiccants – these moisture absorbing materials help eliminate water vapor from enclosed environments, reducing the chances of damage from corrosion.
  • Humidity Indicating Devices – allows you to monitor interior moisture levels without having to open then reseal preservation packaging.
  • On-site Packaging Services – we can train you to package your equipment, or we can package it for you!

Samples of some equipment we have packaged:

mothball mud pump - oil field equipment preservation This mud pump was packaged for long term storage when the facility went offline. The pump would be stored for up to 5 years. This solution includes Protect 470 moisture barrier material, clay desiccant, and 8 mil heat shrink film.
motor packaged for long term storage Using Protect 100 and clay desiccant, we packaged a motor for a company in Oklahoma. This preservation system protects the motor from corrosion and negates the for it to be cranked or heated on a regular basis to remove moisture buildup.
ocean-drilling-rig-transformer-packaged-for-storage When a drilling project in the Gulf of Mexico stalled, we helped package this transformer for long term storage. Our solution included protect 100 moisture barrier material, clay desiccant, and VCI emitters.

Packaging Consulting Services

Because every project is unique, please contact us for a quote on your individual project. If you don’t know which materials, or how much desiccant you need, we can meet with you and develop a custom recommendation suited to your particular situation. If you need to store your oil field equipment for a few months or a few years, or if you need to mothball an entire rig, we can help!

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