F35 Joint Strike Fighter Packaged For Shipment

Protective Packaging was asked to protect Lockheed Martin’s new F35 Joint Strike Fighter for a shipment, first by truck to the Houston port, then by boat across the Atlantic to England. Since every imaginable harmful possibility comes to mind in such a trip, PPC had to prepare for the worst.

Three different layers of protective materials were heat sealed, stitched, and shrunk to protect the jet. Desiccants and VCI emitters were added to remove absorb any additional moisture and provide a chemical rust protective coating for the extra insurance a multi-million dollar machine requires. The fighter made it safe and sound to its final destination and PPC has partnered up with Lockheed Martin for many more shipments of the newly designed fighter plane.

  • Lockheed Martin F35

Additional Projects

Protective Packaging has been packaging F35s for various projects requiring preservation during shipping and storage over the last five years.  Our corrosion prevention packaging solutions ensure the aircraft arrives without suffering any damaging effects from moisture, debris, pests, or other contaminants.

  • Preparing the F35 for cross country transport
    Preparing the F35 for cross country transport