Moisture Barrier Bags in a Crate - Crate Liner

From the largest pieces of equipment to the smallest parts, proper packaging is essential whether the objects are destined for storage or transportation.

For the past quarter century, Protective Packaging Corporation has been manufacturing and providing commercial crating supplies to a wide range of customers. Although we initially started our business serving the government, we have since expanded our services to include the corporate sector.

Weather is a natural enemy of many products. The combination of water, humidity and exposure to oxygen can rapidly cause the development of corrosion. Fortunately, at Protective Packaging Corporation, we offer a number of effective solutions. Our moisture barrier bags and desiccants offer the best protection currently available on the market. Available in any size, these sealed bags provide a guaranteed protection for 20 years or more.

Static is another common problem that can wreak havoc with electronics. Why risk losing money when our simple static shielding bags can keep your products safe? We manufacture both metal-in and metal-out shielding bags in addition to a combination product that includes moisture protection as well. For added safety, we offer a heavy duty Tyvek barrier bag that offers maximum tear resistance even within the harshest vacuum packaging environments.

Proper packaging also includes proper labeling. If a crate isn’t marked correctly, it runs the risk of being mishandled, thus placing its contents at greater risk of being damaged. To that end, we offer our Shockwatch® and Tiltwatch® labels. Placed in visible areas of a crate, these labels notify handlers that your crates are being monitored, therefore helping prevent mishandling and keeping your shipping company accountable for its services.