Protective Packaging provides solution to large New Orleans petroleum industry customer for long-term, outside storage of large corrosion sensitive oil compressor.

A large petroleum industry customer in New Orleans manufactured an oil compressor, known as a “Cat Cracker”. The manufacturing process finished earlier than expected, but too early for the customer to take possession of the product. This compressor was so huge (32′ long x 17′ wide x 22′ tall) that the manufacturer could not keep it in his production area and continue with other projects. They had to store it outside until the customer was ready to take possession. The Cat Cracker had turbine fans and electronics that were sensitive to corrosion.

The company contacted Protective Packaging on a Thursday and we were on their site by Monday. We rented cranes and cherry pickers to get the material around the part. We placed a moisture barrier bag around the Cat Cracker and placed desiccant and VCI Foam Emitters inside the barrier bag. We then heat sealed and pulled a vacuum on the bag.

The Cat Cracker was stored outside in the humid conditions of New Orleans from July until September. When their customer was ready to take possession in September, they invited Protective Packaging down for the “unveiling”. The Cat Cracker was found to be in pristine condition.