engine - automotive packaging solutionsProtective Packaging has been providing automotive packaging solutions for years. Whether you have small parts and tools that need to be shipped, or large equipment heading to storage, we can help you develop an effective corrosion prevention or static shielding solution.

Whether you are shipping your automotive parts locally or to multiple international destinations, you can rely on Protective Packaging’s years of expertise and knowledge to provide a packaging solution.

Bring your idea and challenge to us, let us drive the solution process for you. At Protective Packaging, we will work to understand your project’s unique requirements and ensure your valuable deliverables get to their destination in first quality condition. Our packaging specialists will help untangle the jungle of specifications, storage, transportation and importation requirements, that make up the complex process of creating a secure, simple cost effective package that will fill the needs of your product transportation. We focus on maximizing product protection while minimizing cost.

Within the internal crate system, our products include virtually every shape and size to meet your specific packaging requirements:

External consideration allows us to shine through with our versatility and flexibility to provide wide ranging automotive packaging solutions. Our shrink wrapping packaging systems are just some of our most innovative industrial packaging approaches. We use a polyethylene film that is capable of covering even the largest or most irregularly shaped objects. Far more effective than standard tarps tied down with ropes and grommets, this tight film creates a protective shell that keeps its contents in a dry, controlled and protected environment.


ZF Sachs – Please read about our ZF Sachs project and the innovative way we addressed the corrosion prevention requirements of shipping their automotive assembly components from Mexico to Germany.

Army Unit Vehicles – And you might find interesting our Long Term Storage challenge for a U.S. Army Units Vehicle fleet left behind during deployment oversees. This case study exemplifies our concerned approach in balancing product protection and cost effectiveness.