In the past, mothballing an aircraft was a complicated endeavor taking considerable time and resources to accomplish the task.

Not anymore. We make aircraft protection simple with our own custom line of economical mothballing kits that are pre-cut to fit the vast majority of airplanes and ready to use the moment you receive them.

Kits include jet engine intake covers, desiccants,jet engine exhaust covers, tire covers, cockpit and passenger window products designed to provide the highest level of protection against moisture, insect damage, and harmful UV rays. All meet or exceed FAA and military standards providing dependable protection up to five years.

For example, our standard kit comes with:

  • pre-cut covers for intake and exhaust openings for 2 engines
  • pre-measured desiccant for each of the 2 engines
  • pre-cut foil or canvas covers for each tire
  • covers for cockpit and passenger windows

All of our Aircraft Protection Kits meet or exceed U.S. Military and FAA standards for mothballing. All are in stock and ready to ship so that you can get the quality protection you need in a hurry. Fabricating protection for aircraft not included in our line of pre-made kits is no problem. Just give us a call. Our experts are ready to craft solutions specifically designed to meet your specific needs.